Getting Back into the Dance Studio after a Pandemic

Getting Back into the Dance Studio after a Pandemic

After almost a year and a half of being away from dance classes, rehearsals, auditions, and performances, it can probably seem daunting, thinking about getting back into your old dancer routine.

Now that the run up to studios re-opening is coming up, it’s important to make yourself aware of how to get yourself back into the swing of things safely, and in your best interest.

If you’ve been keeping up part of your training at home, through zoom classes or YouTube videos, you’re off to an amazing start, and if not that is totally fine too! That’s why we’re here. Here are some top tips from the DYNS Team to help you settle back into the crazy dancer’s lifestyle.



Easy Does It:

Stop wishing you stretched more or took more online classes. You were in the middle of a global pandemic and you did your best that you could at that time.

When returning to your usual classes, there may be occasions where you cannot achieve the level of performance that you showed pre-pandemic. Just know, THIS IS OK. A dancer needs consistent time and training to keep up their levels of performance. Be patient with yourself, YOU WILL GET THERE AGAIN, trust the process!

It’s all well and good jumping straight back into things with full force, but please be mindful of your bodies and their conditions. We need to stay injury free at all costs!

As you practice old movements, try and stay out of your head and trust your body. TRUST MUSCLE MEMORY. You may be surprised at how much you remember.




Try Something New:

Going from weekly or even daily classes to no classes at all can possibly affect the way you learn and make it difficult to dance the way you did pre COVID-19. As you return, if you find yourself feeling a bit rusty, it may be worth trying a new way of learning or moving. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should throw out all of our old techniques, but perhaps this is the time for you to explore and experiment with new styles, choreographers and/or movements.




Your Body may look Different:

As we all know, COVID-19 hit us hard. Every lockdown brought it’s own struggle to each and every one of us. Some of us used our spare time to get fit, eat healthy and become better versions of ourselves. And the other half of us took this time off to relax, indulge and just enjoy some peace and quiet.


Do not be disheartened if your body looks or moves differently than it did before lockdown. Nobody could stay 100% motivated and productive during the pandemic, so please take the pressure off of yourself. Focus on, and remind yourself of your strengths, there is only ONE you, and that is your superpower.




Enjoy Yourself!

The MOST important thing to remember when coming back to the studio is to HAVE FUN! Remember why you started dance to begin with, focus on your love for dance and the journey you have been on.

If you find yourself becoming stressed or disheartened by the training, try and find other ways to make dance fun for yourself again. Do whatever it takes to fall back in love with dance and to be inspired.


We hope this blog was somewhat useful to the run up of studios re-opening.

Just remember, be bold, be brave and be beautiful, BUT most importantly BE YOU.


Lots of love

The DYNS Team xx