Introducing our Staple Quarter Zip Set

The staple set that never goes out of style. 

We know how much everyone loves our classic quarter zip co-ord, so we wanted to give you the deep insight of every nook and cranny of this DYNS style and why we made these choices.

Kicking off with our black set.

There’s no doubt everybody loves a black co-ord, but pair it with high quality fabric, incredible fit and such intricate details, you’ve found yourself a winner!

Our high waisted black leggings.

As dancer’s we all know, there’s been a time when you’re in rehearsals in the middle of a high energy, high impact, routine and your leggings just won’t stay up! Before you know it, you’ve got a baggy crotch and a builder’s bum all at the same time, we’ve all been there!

Our staple high waisted leggings are made for dancing. Our figure-hugging fabric and sweetheart seam will ensure these leggings will most definitely not fall down. Our waist band is double layered giving you extra security. Be sure you can wear these leggings to your next audition and they will not fail you, they’ll be your new best friend.

Another problem we as dancer’s have with leggings, as those of us with big booties know, they can be so so see through, to the point where, sometimes there’s no point in wearing leggings at all!

Here at DYNS we strive to make sure we're not seeing any underwear. Our fabric choices and weights make the perfect combination to the perfect legging, giving maximum comfort and 100% style.

To compliment these unreal bottoms, we have launched the most incredible pairing, our long sleeved, quarter zip, crop top.


Moving on to our quarter zip top. 

The most flattering crop top any dancer could ever want, need or dream of. Made with the same figure-hugging fabric as the leggings, which will compliment every body shape.

The quarter zip detailing is everything. We are obsessed. The zip itself is waterproof, meaning it won’t rust, adding years onto the life of your DYNS dancewear.

Just by changing the way you zip up your DYNS crop top can give you endless amounts of styles.

Fully zipped to give you that super cool, sports chick vibe that we ALL want.

Or zip it down for a more casual look.

We absolutely love how our logo is pressed in white, giving a complete contrast to the black garment and really eye catching.


The Charcoal zip co-ord.

Our quarter zip duo also comes in another colour.


Our classic charcoal set has been a hit with our followers and we couldn’t be more pleased. We wanted to give those of you who wanted to expand their wardrobe shades from black to a lighter shade of black! Sticking with the classic colours, that we all love.

In contrast to the black set, our pressed logo is in the shade black, giving a more of an edgy, distinctive vibe, in comparison to our classic black and white.


Together we think these sets are the perfect duo for you and your bestie. #TWINNING

Our Black and Charcoal Quarter Zip sets range in UK Women's sizes from 8-16.

We wanna know what your favourite set is.

Is it going to be; Black or Charcoal?

We also want to know what colours you’d love to see next for our future collections, your opinions are so important to us as a brand, we are here for you.

Lots of love

The DYNS Team xx