It's official, DYNS turns 1!

DYNS officially turns 1... can you believe it? 


It's been 1 whole year of DYNS in the dance industry and wow time has flown by. 

From the early stages of conceptualisation of DYNS, to the first campaign, to where we are today. We have worked tirelessly to introduce dancewear that young females in the industry deserve. We've also worked to break the traditions of dancewear.

We truly are a female powerhouse ready to make a positive change in the industry and we are only just getting started.

Whether you started our journey with us in April 2021, or whether you have joined #wearedyns along the way we are truly grateful to every single one of you. Without our strong female dance community backing our vision and drive we would not be where we are today. We cannot wait to take you on this journey, and we can promise you it will be one hell of a ride.

In this very special edit of Let's talk DYNS we are going to be taking you down memory lane to highlight some key moments in our journey and giving you some sneak peaks to the future. Thankyou for joining us. 


Launch (the first DYNS collection) 

Dancers pose in DYNS.

DYNS began with it's very first collection in April 2021. Launch embodies everything that DYNS is about, classic styles that bring dancewear into the 21st century. Our quarter zips set the staple for every dancer's wardrobe and the ultra flattering fabric and design empower any young female that wears it. 

Launch is still our best selling, we love it and you love it even more. We even did a restock in March 2022 and they sold out in 3 days! Question is shall we bring it back but with a twist?


Peaches & Dreams (The summer dancer's dream) 

Our Peaches & Dreams campaign went down hot. Our girls came to Brighton for a packed weekend of shoots and our team drove the vision for our summer 2021 campaign. 
This collection embraced femininity and played on the beauty of females, bold, brave and beautiful. 

This collection dared you to be bold and dancers you came on our journey. 
The sports bra was the showstopper, with the stunning cross back design that allowed for breathability in the hotter months but also added a level of beauty to your movements. 


CYD Dance Events began. @cyd_uk 

This was the moment in our journey where we got to meet you, the most important piece of the puzzle. You welcomed us with open arms and embraced this amazing new change in the industry. We cannot thankyou enough for your support and still the greatest pleasure for us is meeting you all and getting to see your passion for DYNS. 



Base Dance Studios. The moment we found out we had a shop @basedancestudios

October 2021 is a memory that at DYNS we will hold onto forever. It was the moment that a big player and a truly respectable studios believed in our brand. 
We were given the opportunity to house our brand in Base studios and sell our clothes from a small shop. 

The opportunity to put our brand in front of the eyes of so many dancers and to share our vision with an incredible community is something we still pinch ourselves everyday over. 

You can catch our new collections at Base studios in the flesh and can purchase your DYNS goodies from our shop. 

Thankyou @basedancestudios


Purpose (the dancewear collection that changed the game)

Dancewear at it's best. Our Purpose collection broke the traditional boundaries of dancewear and delivered the goods. Our team worked tirelessly for months and months to design an ultra flattering fit and timeless pieces that would support you. This collection was our biggest campaign to date. The theme was to find your purpose, find your path and shine. The models worked their A game and this collection on launch went down like hot cakes. 


The super cropped shrug truly is a timeless piece and we promise you it will make an appearance again. 

Our ribbed leggings stole the show. Figure hugging, ultra flattering cross band and fabric to die for, our team nailed it with these.  

Purpose may be expanding in the future keep your eyes peeled. 


MOVE IT 22 (What a blast)

It's hard to put into words the amount of tears and sleepless nights we had leading up to this massive scale event. As a team we knew we had to deliver and we wanted to make a scene. DYNS is here to change the course of dancewear for young females in the industry and that took some planning and prep to ensure our stand looked the best. 

#proudmomentalert  #moveit22 #dancewear

We were completely an utterly bowled over by all your support. The year DYNS took to MOVE IT 2022 was a year we will always remember and cherish. Our stand was packed and we sold of all our stock! 

We cannot thank you all enough for your support  on our debut, and here's to the future.

Here's to the future of dancewear.

As you can see were are only just getting started. DYNS is here to disrupt the dancewear industry and we will not rest until we feel that young females have the dancewear they deserve. 
Here's to the future of females, the industry needs you! 

DYNS is in the process of designing collections never seen before on the dancewear scene. We have some unbelievably exciting collections lined up for you and some amazing opportunities.

Watch this space.