Netflix Dance 100: Our review

The DYNS review on Dance 100...

Dance 100 Netflix

First of all let us say this one thing. If you haven't seen it, it's a must!

Not only does Dance 100 deliver on breath-taking routines, the dancers and choreographers are a true representation of the industry today and we were jumping for pure joy to see such a positive, relevant and current dance related program on a pioneering streaming platform such as Netflix

The synopsis...
Dance 100 brings together 8 choreographers from across the globe. The choreographers have to put together a new routine each week, but there is a twist... Each week the number of dancers grows in size and the dancers actually get to vote! The choreographers start in the first episode with seven dancers and by the last episode there is 100 dancers. At the end of each challenge, the 100 dancers decide which choreographer leaves the competition, by standing behind the one whose routine they like best. The person with the least support goes home, and someone wins $100,000 at the end of the series. 

Dance 100 dance routine

A snippet from the Guardian article
The Guardian article: Dance 100
The Guardian article is perhaps written by somebody who has little knowledge of the dance industry. Dance 100 shows that talented dancers combined with strong choreographers are a winning combination. Whilst the general public may just want to see backflips, Dance 100 showcases and celebrates what dance can achieve. 

The future of dance in the media 

We are so over the moon to see a dance program that represents dancers and choreographers of today. We feel that dancers’ voices have been heard, and dancers’ representation in the media is finally moving in a positive direction.

At DYNS we want to see more programs like Dance 100, where dancers and choreographers are celebrated for their talents, skills and passion.  
A current representation of dance today and a truly entertaining program. 

Go check out our DYNS girls( Sophia Turner @sophiaturner_x Jade Ellen @jadeellenbarrettt and Emily Golding Ellis @emilygoldingellis_  ) in action
Dance 100 streaming now on Netflix