The Importance of Warming Up in Dance

Just like every other sport, dancing requires you to do a warm up before getting started. To some of us, this is the most tedious part about a dance class, especially when we're pumped and just want to get into the choreography, but it's so important that we don't skip this step. 

Warm-ups typically last from 6-10 minutes, depending on the length and level of the class you're about to take. They are generally followed by a cool down/stretch period, this is where you can stick in some of your flexibility training.

Warm-ups essentially prepare your body for the movement it's about to endure. They ensure you have a productive, safe and enjoyable dance session. 

They help raise your internal body temperature, increasing your heart rate and blood flow to the muscles, essentially making you perform at a more advanced level. 

Warming up also helps your joints become more mobilised, decreasing the risk of injury during the session and muscle soreness the next day. 

Yes that's right. All of the above can come from just a simple 5/10 minute warm up, crazy, right?! But it's so worth it. 

As tempting as it is, please don't just jump straight into a dance class without taking these steps. The less strain and pressure on your body, the better.

The value of a warm-up is universal, and they're the most effective way to ensure you can have a fun, safe and productive dance lesson.


Lots of love

The DYNS Team xx