This Year, Ditch the Christmas Guilt!

As we all know, Christmas is often a very social time of year, where we get together with our loved ones for parties, drinks, large meals and boxes of chocolates are passed around. As dancers, it's no secret we all have certain health goals, wanting to keep up our health and fitness regimes as much as we can ready for the new year, and it can easily be frustrating for us to be surrounded by "temptation" and the urge to just "give in". 

We have all been there.. worrying about those extra calories, missing dance/gym sessions, and just falling out of your usual routine.

Here at DYNS, all we have to say is, forget the guilt!

This year, ditch the Christmas guilt. Forget the extra calories. Forget the missed training. Stop worrying about what you "should" or "shouldn't" have. IT'S CHRISTMAS!

Enjoy yourself. Be with your loved ones and make this Christmas one to remember. You truly deserve it. 

From all of us at DYNS, we'd love to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let's make 2022 a great one.. big things are coming!


We wish you all the best.

Lots of Love

The DYNS Team xx