How to Help your Dancewear Last Longer

We all know how attached some of us can get to our dancewear, the memories they hold, the feeling it gives us when we put it on, we wish it could last forever. No matter how often you wear them, wear-and-tear is bound to happen. But here at DYNS we want to help you help protect your dancewear at all costs!

Here are our top tips to help your dancewear last longer:

Always Air Out your Dancewear:

We all get a little sweaty and a little smelly after long hours at the studio. When you get home, instead of crumpling your dancewear into a smelly ball and throwing it into the wash basket, hang it out to air dry.

Leaving your unwashed dancewear to brew in your dance bag or in a pile in the corner of your room, not only stinks out it's surroundings but allows bacteria and mould to grow, resulting in added unpleasant smells. 


Always Read the Wash Label:

It's so simple, but so many of us disregard the wash label in our clothes. Making this change could make the difference of your dancewear lasting months to years.


Turn Inside-Out:

Most sweat and dirt accumulate on the inside of your clothes when you dance. By turning them inside out, it's much easier for your washer to clean each microfibre. 

This will also help to keep the printing and labelling of your activewear intact. Pressed logos are so very easily damaged in the wash so making this change will make a massive difference to the life span of your dancewear.


Separate your Lights from your Darks:

We have all been there, where all you want to do it chuck a load of washing, making a full load, and get it over and done with, causing your white pants to turn pink because you accidentally mixed in your bright red t-shirt!

Separating your loads into colour shades will do wonders to help your clothes stay vibrant and looking brand new.


Use cold water:

Cold washes are better for any type of clothing, but especially dancewear. Hot water can sometimes cause shrinkage and decrease the performance of some dancewear fabrics. Keeping your washes at a cooler temperature can also prolong the vibrancy and colour of your dancewear, preventing them from becoming faded or washed out.

The ideal temperature is around 15 degrees centigrade. 


Air Dry Air Dry Air Dry!:

Always let your dancewear air dry to help keep the original shape and to reduce shrinkage, no one wants undersized dancewear! 

Besides the fact that tumble drying your dance wear could potentially end up with them no longer fitting, the heat from a tumble dryer can also disturb the fabrics.


If all else fails, try and treat your dancewear as you would treat a delicate bra or an expensive pair of jeans. Doing so will make sure your DYNS Dancewear will last you much longer, and you'll definitely get your moneys worth!


We hope this helped!

Lots of love

The DYNS Team xx