Protecting your Mental Health while using Social Media

Protecting your mental health should always be on the top of our priority list, but sometimes, especially after the year we've faced, it can get pushed back to the bottom of the pile.

With the current climate, a lot of us find work and an income through social media, and if not, plenty of us spend hours of our day scrolling through the newest trends, and often, there is little escape. 

Sometimes it can feel impossible to unplug from our devices, and to take a breather from the online world of Instagram and TikTok, but it's INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to set time aside in our day, away from our screens. 

It's important to know that social media can be our friend, but also our enemy if we're not careful.

At times it can give us a great sense of inspiration, motivation and a great way to stay connected to our favourite online influencers and to those we love, but then again, it can sometimes leave us feeling unsatisfied with our own lives, comparing ourselves to the never ending scroll of perfect figures, unblemished skin and lavish lifestyles. 

It's important to take social media with a pinch of salt, and always use it consciously. The DYNS Team have shared a list of our favourite top tips to help us keep our mental health a priority when using our mobile devices. 



Limit your Screen Time:

We're all guilty of looking at our screen time and being absolutely horrified by the hours and hours spent on Instagram, I know we definitely are! 

And since it's very unlikely for us to quit social media altogether, if you feel that social media may be affecting your mental health, a good step to take is to set time limits on each of your most used apps.  

Most up to date phones now have a screen time page where you can view where your screen time is most spent. But another way to help ease the hours is to turn off your notifications at bedtimes. 




Control your Social Media Feeds:

The accounts that you follow ultimately control the content that you see on a daily basis. If these accounts are feeding you negative thoughts or feelings, it's time to get rid. Make sure you follow accounts that make you feel good, motivate and inspire you to be the best version of you. These accounts are different for everyone, so don't be pressured to follow the "on trend" influencers if that doesn't feel right for you, your beliefs or your mental health. 

Get unfollowing those accounts that don't make you feel a million dollars babyyyyy, it's not rude, it's simply necessary. 




Likes don't reflect who you are:

We all need to get out of the habit of fixating on the number of likes, follows and views we get on our posts. 

Always remember why you are posting that photo. Who are you posting it for?

If you love the photo, then does it really matter how many other people love it too?




Instagram is not real life:

Yes. That's right. Instagram is NOT. REAL. LIFE.

We all want to share the best bits, the highlights of our lives with those on our socials. It is very rare that people upload the struggles and the challenges they face through their day to day lives. 

Remind yourself of this every time you see a perfectly smoothed picture of your favourite influencer, thinking you wish you had their looks, their money, their life. Remember you don't see the uncut edit. 



Take a Social Media Break:

If all else fails, just know it's okay to take a break from social media. Setting boundaries and asking yourself why you use the apps you do, could be the difference in a good or a bad mental health period. 

Always prioritise you. 



And lastly, just to reiterate, protecting your mental health should always be on the top of our priority list. Put yourself first, and make the changes you need to to protect yourself and your wellbeing. 


Lots of love

The DYNS Team xx