DYNS is a dancewear brand, here to create a female powerhouse in the dance community.

Our mission is to give young women dancewear styles that give them confidence and drive, and to create an empowering community around dance.

We are here to bring together powerful women and support them in achieving what they want to be, no matter what size, shape or story.


DYNS is the dancewear young females deserve. Too often young women experience self-doubt, lack of confidence or anxiety. As young dancers in the industry we have both experienced all of the above.
We feel that young females in the industry deserve dancewear that empowers them to be the best versions of themselves. 

Who Is DYNS?

Female founded, as a brand we wanted to move away from the same old leotard and tights that has been circling the industry for years and years.
Looking at the market, we saw that there were so many activewear brands out there, but non that were targeted at just dancers. 
DYNS dancers at Move IT 2022

The future of DYNS?

When women support each other magic happens. As a brand and as a team of females we feel passionately about women coming together in the dance community to support each other. 
DYNS is here to create a female powerhouse in the community, giving young women styles that when they move you know from their confidence and drive that DYNS has their back. 
DYNS wants to support you, your dreams, your goals. 
We cannot wait to share the journey with you.
Lots of love
The DYNS Team xx